Tulips have long been a favourite flower for many people, and It's easy to see why. With an abundance of varieties, tulips can literally come in endless range shades and colour combinations in dozens of different forms be they single, double or frilled edge buds, ranging in many different sizes and shapes. At de boer Tulips, we pick the best suited of these to grow in the harsh Australia climate that will perform the best over the span of the season, which generally runs from early March to late October. Tulips are not very well suited to heat and humidity, so our tulips are grown in a fully climate controlled glasshouse which is constantly monitored to ensure the best growing conditions to promote quality and longevity. Our tulip stock is imported fresh every year directly from Holland, and sourced from growers hand picked by us to meet our stringent criteria. Once the stock has been inspected and cleared for release into Australia, it is meticulously checked, planted and stored in freezers, awaiting to be released into the glasshouse to start the process of changing from the humble bulb to the beautiful bloom that brightens your home or office.

One of the most amazing features of the Tulip is that it is one of the only cut flowers that even once it has been picked and placed into a vase, it will continue to grow. This results in some tulips taking amazing forms in the quest to ‘chase the light’, twisting and turning itself in the most amazing ways to create amazing forms whilst in its new environment. Tulips compliment many other forms of flowers to create beautiful bouquets and posies, and look simply stunning when en masse.

With Tulips being available in many different vibrant colours such as Reds, Yellows Oranges Pinks and Purples, they make the perfect addition to brighten anyones day or to make a bold statement. Soft pinks and whites make Tulips the perfect accompaniment for anyones Wedding day, while the abundance of red varieties available are perfect to send to that special someone. Theres a tulip available to suit  whatever occasion your looking for, or simply just to add some warmth and brightness for yourself!