Growing up on the family flower farm, it was inevitable that Scott was going to be involved with flowers at some point in his life. As a young boy, days were spent playing with toy tractors and trucks amongst the various different flower lines his father Dirk was growing at the time, be that Tulips, daffodils or his personal favourite, Hyacinths. Dirk and Ineke migrated to Australia with their three kids from Holland in 1980, and getting straight to work at Tesselaar Flowers in Monbulk. Coming from a business in Holland growing bulbs with his brothers, Dirk applied his trade in an Australia and had soon started his own farm in Hoddles Creek, the same premises on which de Boer Tulips is built on today.

Working with his eldest son Rob, they soon earnt a reputation as hard workers with a strong eye for top quality flowers, which became their mantra to expand into the successful business it has become today. With Dirk passing away in 2011, Scott seized the opportunity to go into business with Rob, and build on the success to an even greater scale, increasing production and investing into the latest technology to create the state of the art operation while continuing to maintain the quality they have always prided themselves for. With that Scott wanted a new challenge, and his desire to be able to work closely with wife Alyce was always a dream.

Together they came up the concept of ‘colour your world’, a project that would get the Tulips grown by Scott to a broader range of florists and people who generally love quality flowers, through the warming nature and easy to approach qualities that Alyce brings to people. Matching Quality flowers with the impeccable service and promptness that Alyce provides makes it easy to fall in love with these beautiful blooms and the pride and care taken into getting them fresh from the farm to your door.